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A Girl’s Guide to Trail Running » Blog Archive » So here we go…

So here we go…

Posted by Jen on Jun 5, 2009 in Uncategorized |

Why start a blog?  I wondered this myself for quite some time…. but, also why not? This is my attempt to share my adventures with you all!  I have loved reading blogs by other ultrarunners, but realized that most were by the guys- what about us girls? We can fly down technical trail, we love to kick ass too!  And yes some of us do it in our Lululemon run fast skirts.

So, about me: I live and work in this fabulous city called, San Francisco.  My day job is a critical care pharmaceutical sales rep- what does that mean? I work in the O.R or cardiac cath lab in hospitals to educate physicians, specifically those involved in critical care medicine- cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anaesthesiologists, ect. I love my job- it provides me with constant challenges and I get to be around some amazing people. I also get to watch some awesome surgeries- chests cracked open, skulls exposing grey matter… it’s very cool!

My husband, filmmaker JB Benna, created a small outdoor/adventure film company called Journeyfilm about 5 years ago.  So I also help him produce and make documentary films. We have been ultrarunning since 2004, and we are hooked.  Only in the last 2 years have we really ramped it up and began competing and training seriously.  I don’t know how I ran all those races before on such little training?  I guess the mind is a powerful thing.

JB and I are parents to our three rescue animals: Mr. Big (a seriously ugly/so cute mix dog) and Tazzoe and Gracie (seriously cute cats).  We love, love, love to travel when we can and running adventures take us all over the world.  Ok enough background already… lets get on with on with the present adventures!

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1 Comment

JB Benna
Jun 5, 2009 at 4:12 pm

Hi babe. Glad to see you made it to the internet. Keep up the good work.




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