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Bye bye Recovery week…. Hello Western States.

Posted on Jun 22, 2009

Another week has gone by, a nice recovery week for me that included two whole days off from running- which I was needing very much as my body was screaming a little bit at me during Saturday’s 2.5 hour run reminding me that rest is also very key to running.   JB and I woke early to hit the trails in Golden Gate park and run to Ocean Beach and then head up to Mt. Sutro and Twin Peaks.  We were both lagging pretty good for about 3-4 miles when nearing the beach and the turnaround, JB decided to put the hammer down.  So to avoid looking like a total loser, I also picked up the pace to stay close on JB’s heels.  As we approached the 8 mile mark and Kezar Stadium, I knew my lactate threshold hill repeat was upon me and I had to “Get R done” as my Dad likes to say.  I yelled to JB that I was starting my threshold and would see him at the top of Mt. Sutro.  For me, lactate threshold occurs between the heart rate of 173-178 plus or minus a few beats.   After last week’s 2 x 60 minute hill repeats, I wasn’t too worried about the 20 minute climb ahead of me.   So off I went charging up the hill thinking I would really kill it.   It took me a few minutes to get into the grove and one look behind me revealed that JB wasn’t far behind.   I guess that was a good sign that JB is truly in peak form.  I finally got the legs motoring and got to the top a few minutes ahead of JB.  Yes those hill repeats hurt, yet I really think they make so much difference in acheiving top shape.

If every climb had a rainbow...

If every climb had a rainbow...

Now here it is Monday and I have a full week ahead of me- 8-9 miles of M pace, a 90 minute strides workout, 2×40 minute hill repeats (that I will do at Squaw Valley before WS100) and then pacing JB 38 miles on Saturday/Sunday at Western States 100! Time to push the training as it is peak workout time and the countdown to Headlands 100.

But  really I am most excited we have  finally made it to race week-  JB has been dreaming/talking about Western States 100 since forever.  My Dad and I will jump into the Journeyfilm van after the Squaw Valley start  and set out to get JB through one of the most important races of his life.  We are forming the “Team Benna” crew and will be busting out some serious crewing and pacing and we plan on having a blast.

The Journeyfilm Van

The Journeyfilm Van

More posts and pictures this week as we get into the good stuff- packing drop bags, driving up to Squaw and pre-race festivities!

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So here we go…

Posted on Jun 5, 2009

Why start a blog?  I wondered this myself for quite some time…. but, also why not? This is my attempt to share my adventures with you all!  I have loved reading blogs by other ultrarunners, but realized that most were by the guys- what about us girls? We can fly down technical trail, we love to kick ass too!  And yes some of us do it in our Lululemon run fast skirts.

So, about me: I live and work in this fabulous city called, San Francisco.  My day job is a critical care pharmaceutical sales rep- what does that mean? I work in the O.R or cardiac cath lab in hospitals to educate physicians, specifically those involved in critical care medicine- cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anaesthesiologists, ect. I love my job- it provides me with constant challenges and I get to be around some amazing people. I also get to watch some awesome surgeries- chests cracked open, skulls exposing grey matter… it’s very cool!

My husband, filmmaker JB Benna, created a small outdoor/adventure film company called Journeyfilm about 5 years ago.  So I also help him produce and make documentary films. We have been ultrarunning since 2004, and we are hooked.  Only in the last 2 years have we really ramped it up and began competing and training seriously.  I don’t know how I ran all those races before on such little training?  I guess the mind is a powerful thing.

JB and I are parents to our three rescue animals: Mr. Big (a seriously ugly/so cute mix dog) and Tazzoe and Gracie (seriously cute cats).  We love, love, love to travel when we can and running adventures take us all over the world.  Ok enough background already… lets get on with on with the present adventures!

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