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A Girl’s Guide to Trail Running » 2013 » April

Zion 100, Dedicating this to Martin

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

Well it’s about that time. To embark on a 100 mile journey. Through the desert, slick rock, mesas and beyond, we shall run. But this time, I will dedicate my run to the Boston marathon victims and survivors. Specifically I will run for Martin. The 8 year old boy watching in earnest with his dad,mom and sister for finishers along Boylston street. Martin was taken of all the years ahead of him, of running through the park, playing soccer, attending school, his first dance at prom, his first love, his wedding, his children.
So when it gets tough out there tomorrow, I will think of Martin. He stood for peace and may that live on.

I also happen to have a crew that consists of dear friends and ultrarunners that define love, selflessness and whom we all look up to. Krissy Moehl and Roch Horton will guide me through the tough parts and make me laugh when I want to cry. My husband will crew me and film the race.
It’s so good to have those steel beams to lean on.
I am so blessed and though the world is hurting right now, I find solace in joining together as runners. We are strong and frankly, can’t ever be terrorized, try as they might. We will always conquer and find a way to continue on. We are runners, that’s what we do.

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