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The Art of Letting Go

Posted on Jan 5, 2016

A new breath. A new year. So happy to welcome in 2016.  I’m just going to say it out loud- 2015 was the hardest year of my life.  Watching my daughter fight for her life with pneumonia, and seeing my brother lose his life due to addiction has changed me as a person. I see things as temporary, not permanent nor ours to take for granted.  My kids childhood is just a moment, sunsets on the top of a mountain peak, again just a moment. So I’m setting forth only very simple and sustainable goals for 2016. I learned more about myself this year than any year yet. So I am going to set my intentions and try to let go the painful moments of 2015.  If you had a similar tough year it just means you have a new chance for a better one. I love the start of New Years. Here are a few intentions I am setting forth.

Intentions for 2016:

1. Gratitude is everything. Wake up everyday with a thought of gratitude and say prayers at night with the kids saying out loud what we are each thankful that happened that day.

2. Choose joy, choose smiles.  I would like to make a clear choice to love and be happy. We are here to be joyful in our daily lives. Remembering the great words of friend, David Horton. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

3. Structure. The root of much of my stress is chaos. Find daily structure, routines and goals that feel good and productive and stick with them.

4. Run with confidence and freedom. If you put in the training, let your mind rest in your body’s ability to get the job done. No worries, no doubting. Just joyful running and racing with heart and passion.

5.  Honor my intuition. This is really directed at the 2 big races I started last year (Cayuga 50 and TNF 50) really sick when my intuition and heart told me it was a mistake. This carries over into lots of life lessons, but for some reason really affected my running. Listen to your gut. It’s almost always right.


Race plans for 2016

2/6 Sean O’Brien 50k or 100k.  Training for the 50k but if I am feeling extra fit, I might just show up for the 100k.

3/19 Georgia Death Race 100k. A brutal course with a Golden Ticket opportunity. I would love to run WS100.

May- Race to be determined or possibly R2R2R Grand Canyon

June- Either I was fortunate to nab a spot to run WS100 from Golden Ticket or I would love to run San Diego 100 as it’s been on my list for quite a while.

8/20- Leadville 100

Fall races TBD


Wishing you all happy intentions and a purposeful 2016.






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