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A Girl’s Guide to Trail Running » 2012 » November » 28

Not racing, just pacing. NFEC50 this weekend.

Posted on Nov 28, 2012

Well sometimes you have to just say no. No to racing, not running per se. After a mental blowup at a simple training run- the Mt. Tam 50k a few weeks ago. (Which by the way, is one of the Inside Trail series ultras- and such a wonderfully organized event. I will do more of them and so should you). About 10 miles into the run, the left hamstring I have been babying lately just kinda decided enough was enough. That’s about when my mind agreed and thus an unusual event occurred. I let myself just coast into the finish early, happy to be off the trails and call it a 30k day. I didn’t fight it, nor was upset about a shorter distance. After lining up for over 7 competitive races this year, I was a bit burnt out. That’s it. That and the hamstring did not help at all. I have been chilling (only 40 miles a week) for the past 3 weeks to rest up as I get ready to enter peak training for Bandera 100k in January.

So, no racing The North Face Endurance Championship on Saturday. Even better though, I get to pace my good friend Krissy Moehl on her last race of 2012- a stellar year for her as always. We vow to have the biggest smiles come rain or mud. We are going to run hard, have fun and chick some boys. I am looking forward to it.

Here we go girl!

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