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November: A Call for Gratitude, Day One

Posted on Nov 1, 2013

So I had a revelation today.  I was out on my favorite 10 mile run with my dog, just enjoying big views and crisp air.  I crested the top of a climb and went on zooming down some fun downhill single track when Luna (the dog) must have spotted something tremendously exciting.  Instead of her usual up and around me technique, she swept my legs out from underneath me and left me hitting my right hip and face as hard as I can remember doing in quite a long time.  I came down on a rock  and thought I must have cracked my hip.  I sat crying for minute and then I yelled at Luna for being so crazy.  After I collected myself and got down the trail and ultimately home, albeit with a lot of walking and holding my breath.  I got the ice out and realized my hip is only badly bruised, not broken.  I am not broken.  It was merely an accident.  I should be grateful things are totally fine.  It then occurred to me that it felt really good to be thankful for what I did get to enjoy and for my own health.  An hour later and as I sat looking at my calendar, getting things figured out for work, etc., I realized Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.  A day of being thankful.  I liked how resolution from my fall this morning came by being appreciative.  So dang simple.   Am I really just figuring this out?

So here’s what I am pledging to do.  I know lots of people have this practice in their own lives on a daily basis.  But I want to make it a focus of mine. I certainly am thankful for something everyday as well, but it’s usually not something I write down.  I don’t want to wait for Thanksgiving to express gratitude.  I’d like to spend each day this month writing down what I am grateful for.  Maybe it will be a run, or a friend or yummy food, but it will be written down and celebrated.

Join me and see what happens.

November 1st 2013: So grateful for my daughter and my husband.  I really can’t imagine life without them.  Thanks JB and Eva.  You are glorious human beings.

So blessed for these two

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