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Posted on Jul 15, 2009

Okay, so yeah, I do really like food.  And as a runner, food is my powerhouse. It can really make a workout feel solid or if eating badly, it can make a workout and a stomach, a problem. I find the more quality things I eat, the better I run and feel.  I do really like cooking, trying new restaurants and having a good glass of red wine almost every night. I thought I would list the staples of my diet and the vices that also find their way in every now and again.

Enjoying that glass of wine

Enjoying that glass of wine

Foods that power me-

  • Oatmeal or whole grains for breakfast with yogurt and lots of berries…  good food
  • Coffee with breakfast, sometimes more than one cup…. can be bad if it makes me shaky
  • An apple- my favorites are granny smith and fuji
  • For lunch, I try to do a protein, like turkey and mix it with a whole grain bread and lots of spinach
  • More fruit in the afternoon… grapes that are slightly frozen are awesome.
  • Raw almonds- power food and so satisfying
  • Dark chocolate- a square or two a day is usually enough to keep me happy
  • Pre-workout snack- a small cup of Kashi cereal
  • Dinner is usually baked salmon with lots of veggies or maybe a grilled turkey burger usually without a bun.
  • A good glass of red wine


  • I have  a sweet tooth, so baking for me is like therapy, which usually means I taste while I bake… bad…
  • A second glass of wine…
  • Frozen yogurt (probably way too much sugar, but I love it)


  • Estela’s Fresh Sandwiches- they have the best veggies sandwiches ever
  • Green’s- a fine dining experience for vegetarians… a yummy treat
  • NOPA- a great restaurant with a fun atmosphere and within walking distance to me- a problem for my checking account
  • Whole Foods- I swear I feel healthier just walking in there
  • Peet’s Coffee- I don’t think anyone can make a better Skinny half-calf double latte
  • Farm Fresh to you- Organic, Sustainable produce and fruits delivered right to your door.

    Feeling good....

    Feeling good....

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